About Us



Passionate About YOUR Business Goals
We are a group of passionate writers working towards the dream to provide companies with hassle-free, reliable, quality and affordable Content Writing and Copywriting Services to help you sell, engage customers, establish branding and boost customer loyalty.

Our Belief
Not all copy written in good English are good copy. Good content is always rich in convincing points, useful tips and truth, all presented in a clear and precise manner. In addition, excellent content flow and copywriting skills (including writing good headlines) are a must to capture your readers’ attention!

Well Established
Our company, which was previously known as EnglishMoo, was established in 2009. Over the years, we have involved in more than 150 short-term and long-term projects related to content writing and copywriting services (Online & Offline) in various fields such as beauty, health, food, technology, IT and many more.

Our founder, Mr. Ng Heng Thye is a published book author, a magazine editor and a copywriter with many years of proven records. Read more about our major portfolio HERE.